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Activate Data Driven Experiences In Real-Time

For Every Consumer At Every Touchpoint

Integrate data, create profiles, capture behaviors, govern privacy and deliver one-to-one experiences across your enterprise destinations.

Integrate data sources to create real-time customer profiles

Know your customers wants and needs by unifying your data into actionable profiles in real-time so your insights are always relevant.

Easily enrich profiles with business data from any source using built-in connectors for popular platforms, custom APIs or batch transfers.

Manage via a marketer friendly interface to deliver the right experiences to the right people at the right moment.

Link online and offline data to create a single customer profile

Create a holistic view for every customer by unifying disparate identifiers and profile information from all online and offline systems.

Synchronise segregated customer records including accounts, segments, memberships, opportunities, communications, lead scores and lifetime value.

Manage consumers’ unknown and known identities and deliver one-to-many experiences to anonymous states and one-to-one personalization to identified states.

Link devices and channels to optimise experiences across all touchpoints

Orchestrate coordinated, consistent, and data-driven experiences by mapping the user's profile across all interaction points, devices and channels.

Deliver optimized and personalized content for your consumers across all digital screens and physical touchpoints no matter where or when they interact with your brand.

Centralized customer profiling and identity controls at your fingertips

Easy to use interface provides powerful, yet scalable profile management and at-a-glance insights.

Drill into each individual profile to view and manage information, attributes, identifiers, communication channel preferences and more.

Discover customer opportunities, behaviors and events to identify individual consumer wants, needs and intent.

Manage and enrich profile identifiers to personalize every interaction

Map relationships across various identifiers and validate the stitched identities that create the real-time customer profile.

A deterministic algorithm reconciles a consumers’ multiple devices, further enhancing mapping and extending the reach and depth of experience actionability in real-time.

Build a private identity graph or augment your known customer base by sharing audience data with partners.

React to online and offline customer events in the moment

React instantly to customer events to deliver timely, relevant experiences to the right place, at the right time.

Time-series events capture consumer behavior at every interaction at every engagement.

Build a picture of your customers at every stage of the consumer journey to enable smart decisions at the right time.

B2B and B2C readiness built-in with open, flexible and standardized data formats

Ingest data agnostically from all online and offline data sources in real time, using API first or batch transfer methods.

Data is managed and validated in a structured, open and customizable format, introducing semantics to your data fields that help enable automated workflows and governance.

Create, query and manipulate raw data using standards such as SQL. Meet additional use cases with support for B2B account-based and B2C people-based schemas out of the box.

Create and manage segments that are universal across all systems and channels

Marketer friendly segmentation builder can classify audiences across all data types, centralize and make actionable.

Utilise all Enterprise data and platforms to create detailed Segments to address audiences of value.

Audience classification is persistent across all activation points. Activate centralized segments for group targeting or execute one to one experience delivery.

Extend your audiences size and reach by sharing segments across two or more businesses

Share segments across two or more brands and exchange audiences in a secure, governed, and privacy-centric manner.

Use automated intelligence to power audience expansion and view audience insights, such as size estimates, consent and overlaps by identity, all before data is shared.

Maintain shared audience lifecycle management and improve audience size and extend the reach of each experience.

Use A.I. driven insights and data science on platform to drive customer experiences and opportunities

A.I. powers decisions across millions of data points to personalize each user’s experience, serving the most appropriate offers and messaging.

Run data science models on the platform and in the decisioning workflow with out of the box attribution and propensity or bring your own models in R, Python and other industry standards.

Drive customer opportunities such as cross-sell, upsell, next best action or mitigate churn for any business.

Built-in data governance, compliance and security controls for managing customer privacy

Take complete control over data governance with consent and policy enforcement, from field level labelling through to automated destination restrictions.

Best-in-class usage governance lets brands use data more responsibly and transparently — and gives consumers greater control over their information.

Manage customer data and ensure compliance, security and trust

Manage data usage with automated alerts and monitoring dashboards across data workflows.

Manage every individual users’ privacy to build and maintain trust. Maintain data usage, security, sensitivity and profile privacy at every touch and ensure strict adherence to regulatory compliance.

Keep customer data safe with secure cloud tech from collection to storage and beyond.

Deliver experiences into all touchpoints with open and flexible destinations

Utilize a library of pre-configured integrations with all major delivery platforms across all marketing channels for seamless system integration and experience delivery.

Alternatively, create your own integrations via push technology such as real-time API or batch methods.

Exceed every consumers wants and needs, in their preferred channel and in the moment with the industry leading CDP

Ingest and unify all online and offline data sources with privacy and compliancy controls, enhance with A.I. and data science.

Create and manage unknown and known profiles across all devices and channels for one-to-one or segment based audience engagement.

React to customer events in the moment and deliver personalised experiences for each individual, at every touchpoint, and drive business performance from every interaction.

Maintain profile actionability in cookie-less and identity sensitive environments

Real-time customer profile can be used across all authenticated digital devices and channels to mitigate targeting limitations due to deprecation of Third-Party Cookies and other identity sensitive identification mechanisms.

Now see how Adobe brings real-time experiences to life with a use case

Sarah, our persona, is looking for a home loan in order to renovate her house and is conducting some online research.

The fictitious National Bank lender is leveraging Adobe to deliver personalized experiences to prospects and customers.


Web Search

Sarah begins her journey with an anonymous web search on her mobile.


Search Targeting

National Bank uses Adobe to send an audience segment for prioritized and relevant advertising.


Search Click

After clicking on the search ad, Sarah is surprised to see a highly personalised landing page.


Page Visit

Adobe uses the same audience segment to deliver a relevant website landing page experience.


Calculator Loan Amount

Sarah reads the information and clicks on the Calculate Repayments page link. She then calculates a Fixed Rate and a loan amount of $70,000.


Captures Values

Adobe tracks Sarah's behaviors as she interacts with National Bank.


Variable Rate

Sarah switches the calculator to Variable Rate.


Capture Values

Adobe Tracks the change in interest to Variable Rate and Loan Amount.


Email Capture

After calculating her loan details, Sarah enters her email address to send a Facts Sheet to her inbox.


Capture Values

Adobe uses her email address to populate Sarah's information from National Banks CRM as she is actually an existing member.


Visit LinkedIn

Hours later Sarah is browsing LinkedIn and is reminded of National Banks flexible loan options via a personalized promoted article.


Capture Values

Adobe uses Sarah's email address and out-of-the-box LinkedIn integration to deliver one-to-one personalized content.


Open Email

A few days later, Sarah checks her inbox on her Tablet to find her emailed Fact Sheet.


Link Devices

Adobe links her Tablet and her other devices to her identity, coordinating experiences to all touchpoints.


Clicks Email

After clicking the personalized email link, Sarah seamlessly joins the application process.


Populate Data

Adobe pre-populates the loan amount and other details it has captured streamlining the application process.


Completes application

Sarah easily completes the application for pre-approval and is instantly pre-approved.


Pre-Approval Model/ Call

Adobe's Data Science on Platform model instantly pre-approves Sarah's application. Adobe automatically sends Sarah's application details to a National Bank call center and triggers a call.


Takes Call

Moments later Sarah takes the call from a National Bank Representative to complete the process.


Loan Approved

Loan Approved

Now Sarah is approved for her renovation loan, Adobe qualifies for a home insurance product, and she is invited to speak with a Wealth Manager to discuss her financial opportunities.

Adobe and National Bank have partnered to provide an easy application and onboarding experience for Sarah, providing everything she needs for her renovation and starting her on a new journey of financial well being.

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